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  dallyup   Safe and Sound
Sire: GOET I-80
Dam: Cowan's Donor 116R
DOB: March 16, 2013
BW: 74 lbs
50% Maine Anjou
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  dallyup   Mimms Snow Goose
Sire: Lovin' The Business
Dam: Mimms Donor 0333
Owned with: Mimms Cattle
PHA Free/
TH Free
Polled , White, Pink Nosed

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  carnac   Carnac
Sire: Heat Wave
Dam: Wents Blacks #46 (Chi x Maine x Angus)
DOB: March 18, 2004
Owned with: John Sachau
Polled • Homozygous Black • PHA Free

Bone, Hair, Muscle, Disposition... He's truly magnificent from all angles! Why use any other Heat Wave son?

Semen Available through owners and major distributors!

Recent Winners sired by Carnac:
• Grand Champion Steer - 2009 Forth Worth Stock Show

Here are just a few high sellers from our Fall 2008 Pasture Sales:
• Les Caffee - $38,000
• Alex & Amy Anson - $25,500
• Ryan Went - $25,500
• Brad Larson $15,500
• Roecker Cattle Co. - $13,250, top 3 head average $9,420
• Scott & Dale Werning - $12,500 and $10,500
• Ohlrichs Showcase Sale $15,500 and $9,500
• Don Healy's top 4 head average $7,500
• Bob Blake's top 6 head average $6,100

  dallyup   Dally Up
Sire: Hot Commodity (Hotline x Strictly Business)
Dam: Who Made Who
DOB: March 27, 2007
BW: 91lbs
REA: 19.7
SC: 37cm
Purchased from: Bushy Park Farm
Owned with: John Sachau
Polled 3/4 Maine Anjou AMAA #391082

If you want to chisel out the front one-third while adding meat and muscle and keep them sound, you better Dally Up!

Sire: BT Rolls Royce 398L
Dam: M M Blackcap
DOB: October 2004
Owned with: Jamie K. Smith

    Cattlelac Jack
Sire: About Time
Dam: Strictly Business
DOB: March 2007
BW: 72lbs
Owned with: John Sachau

Big Legged, Big Butted, Big Nutted, Sound, Hairy and Gentle! Sounds like a Cowboy's Cattlelac!

Semen Available through owners and major distributors.
    Johnny Cash
Sire: Maine Break
Dam: Full Flush x Draft Pick x Angus
DOB: March 21, 2003
Bw: 95lbs
Owned with: Adam Pryor
Polled/ Scurred • TH and PHA Free

Johnny Cash possess a unique combination of muscle, structural soundness (including all four feet that point in the same direction) and eye appeal. His maternal grand dam is Kroupa's famous F22 (ask anyone who knows of her, she is the definition of a grand sow).

Semen Available through owners and major distributors.
    Killer Instinct
Sire: MCF Cobra (Warhorse Son)
Dam: MCF Miss Horny 54 x H
DOB: March 6, 2005
Bw: 88lbs
Owned with: John Sachau

Killer Instinct is the most unique calf ever born at Mid Continent Farms. His undeniable quality and killer looks coupled with extra soundness and the most unprecidented color pattern ever displayed by a calf sets him apart from the others. His pedigree features Warhorse, Horny, Sugar Ray, Zeus, Century Touchstone, Traveler 1148, Kodiak, Prairie Blizzard, 042, Double Stuff, and Debbie! He'll throw nearly every color and breed classification imaginable.
    Live Bait
Sire: Strictly Business
Dam: Dinero x Angus
DOB: April 10, 2003
Bw: 90lbs
Owned with: John Sachau
Smooth Polled • TH & PHA Free

Calf Crops look outstanding! Easy calving, lots of baldies.

    Nutt-N-Butt Business
Sire: Strictly Business
Dam: Simm x Angus
DOB: April 20, 2001
Bw: 86lbs
TH & PHA Free

First daughters are now calving and making great mothers! This bull will add muscle and bone!

    Strictly Business
Sire: Fear This
Dam: KGST 52D (Goldstream 2T granddaughter)
DOB: March 17, 1999
Bw: 90lbs
Owned with: John Sachau, IA
Homozygous Black • TH & PHA Free
Registered 3/4 Maine

In the seven  years we have promoted Strictly Business, bulls have come and gone. The real test of time for any bull is the females. All of these high selling calves have one thing in common ... Strictly Business dams!

If we could put time in a bottle ...

Now deceased, there is limited semen available on Strictly Business. Order Today.

• Mimms Cattle Co. - $56,000
• Circle F Cattle Co. - $40,000
• Mimms Cattle Co. - $31,000
• Sullivan Cattle - $26,750
• Hot Commodity - $22,000 *
* High selling bull at 2006 Ohio Expo
• Mimms Cattle Co. - $21,000
• Roecker Cattle Co. - $19,000
• Mimms Cattle Co. - $19,000
• 3C - NLC Ranch - $14,750
• Ohlrichs Show Cattle - $14,750
• Pryor/Elder/Loy - $12,000
• Went's Blacks - $12,000
• Beckett/Blake - $8,500
• Went's Blacks - $6,000

    Whiskey 7
Sire: Irish Whiskey
Dam: DJ Hunk x Cunia
DOB: March 23, 2005
Bw: 95lbs
:Owned with: John Sachau
Polled • Homozygous Black • TH Free
Registered 3/4 Maine

Extremely sleek-fronted, athletic moving, and tight
sheathed ... not to mention Awesome Haired with Great Thickness.

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